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Ahhh, back home from Thanksgiving. As you could see from last post, it was a bit rough. )

In other news, Owen's kind of spoiled Westworld by coming up with a theory that seems to be exceptionally correct. spoilers, probably ) ETA: I'd like to note that he told me this over the weekend, before the most recent episode, which pretty much confirms it.
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If there's one thing I could do without, it's people who aren't small business owners but only care about how taxes/insurance affect small business owners. Screw the poor, they make "bad life choices".

I don't even have the satisfaction of bringing out, "Well, I am poor enough to benefit from the ACA," because they'll just compartmentalize and make some excuse for why I'm a special case.

They complain about the things socialized medicine would fix but then go "argh blargh hospitals in Canada are so bad."
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The blue check dress is going nowhere. :/ 75% done and it transpires that the fabric is just too stiff to work with the pattern. I plan to keep the skirt, anyway. I wish I could stop doing this but ... I can't.

To make up for how infuriating all that was, I worked on things I'm reasonably good at: re-sac'd two of my vintage pens (the third turned out not to have a J-bar - I don't know if I'll take one from the pen I don't like or wait for a really crappy one to come along) and worked on a short piece for the November r/fantasywriters challenge, gaslamp fantasy.

Still haven't totally decided what I'm doing on Thanksgiving, but right now, with all this snow, getting a plane in Ogdensburg seems the most likely. But parking at the airport will be $40 ... (We have taxis, but they cost as much or more.)
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It's been forever! I normally don't go to things on opening weekend, but I've gradually come to realize that the matinees on opening weekend for non-children's movies are practically empty, so why not?

I'm just going to cut all my thoughts )
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Did you know that Hitler was wealthy enough that he didn't need his salary, so he turned it down as a propaganda move so he could look selfless? TIL.

I ordered Chinese tonight because I haven't had the time to get some real food together. Not that what I eat on most nights is really "real food". It's lots of pasta, no wonder I'm getting bigger. I'm just constantly in low-level "aaaaaaaaaaaaa" mode over work and life deadlines and that makes me procrastinate. I have to sit down with recipes and make some lists for food to buy. I need a plan. Plans are good.

Spent much of the evening cleaning my three repair pens - heating them and getting the last of the rubber bits off the sections, and then rinsing out the nibs. The WearEver's nib won't flush, so I'm guessing there's some dried ink clogging it up and it's going to soak for a while. Either the WearEver Deluxe(?) or the Esterbrook J is going to be Owen's Christmas present with some ink (green ink, it is objectively the most fun): they're both red, his favorite color. It all depends on how the nibs test after I have the pens put back together. I'd like to give Mom one as well, but none of the ones I have right now speak to me as presents for her.

BREAKING NEWS: Merriam-Webster reported Sunday evening that “fascism” is currently the top look-up on its site. According to the dictionary, searches for “misogyny,” “bigot,” “xenophobe,” “racism” and “xenophobia” also spiked after Tuesday’s election. I wonder why. I am pretty sure I literally said last Wednesday or Thursday that I was eagerly awaiting the announcement that people were suddenly searching for things they should have looked up weeks ago. Glad not to be disappointed, I guess.
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I did it, I called Elise Stefanik's office to urge her to oppose Steve Bannon's appointment! Now, I did it after hours and left a voicemail, but this is a step in the right direction. (I doubt she will care, tbh, her district being what it is. But maybe if enough people do call her ...)
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I definitely recommend following ApparentlyEverything on Tumblr. I'm going to try to stop talking about the recent election and how I disagree with all the narratives on FB/LJ*, but he is happy to do so and to argue with people, so it's cathartic.

* I reserve my right to reblog anything and everything on Tumblr, and to respond to people who are blatantly wrong on at least r/AskFeminists

Mom came up to see my Requiem concert on Saturday, and then yesterday she drove me down to Owen's apartment in Albany, and Owen took me the rest of the way to Dad's. We went out to an Indian restaurant in Albany that was very good - sadly, it was interrupted at the end by a homeless(?) woman who came in to use the bathroom, was asked to leave, and started shouting abuse at the waitress (who was roughly 1/3 her size). It was pretty awful, and I feel bad for not getting involved but after she told them to "go back to India" Dad did, which was great considering she was also much bigger than him. She left roughly thirty seconds before the police got there. I hope she wandered off completely, because she was threatening to beat up the waitress when she got off her shift.

Then today Dad took me to the car dealership, we did the paperwork, went to the Troy DMV (much more stereotypical DMV than the one in Canton), and got the car! It's a dream. A ~4 hour car ride is so much more tolerable when you have an iPod on rather than listening to the same CD over and over and over, and you can hear the music over the engine. Also it got about 30mpg averaged over the whole trip.
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I've gone from being in shock to being depressed to being angry to being passionate. I've spilled a lot of digital ink getting into arguments with leftists, and while I could probably vent some more if I felt like it right now, I am officially putting that behind me (no more engaging with people who think "Clinton would definitely have won if she'd engaged more with the Rust Belt", just thoughtful discussions) and concentrating on the future. Some of the concentrating on the future is also angry and passionate because it looks like a lot of terrible things are coming down the tracks, but instead of just sharing articles and thoughts on social media, I really want to get properly involved. I set a monthly $5 donation to Planned Parenthood, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the ACLU, and sent my info to the national, state, and local Democratic organizations for volunteering ... but it doesn't feel like enough.
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Well, today things kind of are bouncing between "maybe things won't be so bad" and "no, things are just starting to gear up". I'm still pretty annoyed that few people are taking away the lesson that WE REALLY ALL DO NEED TO VOTE, AND FOR REAL CANDIDATES, but ... we have two years to try to convince them that less interesting elections are actually something you should vote in, and in the meantime it's more important to try to help the people that are in danger right now.
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There's been this narrative going around for months that Trump voters are mainly rural, white, and working-class, and Clinton voters are urban, white, and upper-middle class. It's been super obnoxious to me the whole time because OBVIOUSLY there are many more demographics than that. There were plenty of middle class ruralites supporting Trump because they're close-minded bigots and certainly plenty of poor people in cities supporting Clinton because liberal/progressive policies help them. I've been rural my whole life, apart from the two years I lived in NYC, but my experience doesn't count? Whatever. And just going by numbers, there aren't enough rural, white, working-class voters for this election to be mainly about them.

But the thing that really gets to me about this narrative is that it goes along with a proscription of blaming said conservative voters for their choices. I saw it with Brexit and I've been seeing it for the past few months in the US. The assumption is that

a) you are criticizing because you live a comfortable, affluent urban or suburban existence and cannot comprehend what it's like to live in a vast rural hinterland


b) there is legitimately no way for this demographic to make their problems known except to rear up and ruin everyone else's lives every so often

and these are so obnoxious to me because a) they obviously don't apply to everyone and certainly don't apply to me, and b) they're false. It's false because it ignores the influence of wealthy conservatives who induce them to fear things they don't need to fear and to associate their legitimate grievances away from actual attempts at solutions put forth by liberals (e.g. UNIONS, raising the minimum wage, increasing social programs, helping local businesses and entrepreneurs instead of national chains that outsource production), and it ignores the fact that a bunch of their grievances are really just that they're not the main consideration anymore, that the privileges they counted on to keep them on top despite being poor and living in the middle of nowhere - being white and straight - are being discussed rather than accepted as the default or moral high ground. Also, c) the implication is that this one specific disadvantaged group is allowed to be cruel and lash out, but the others are obliged to be endlessly forgiving and not comment on that.

I've been annoyed with the way both the news media and the non-news media handled the general election. The former obviously deserves a lot of blame for focusing on her ~scandals and holding off with their true opinions on Trump's danger/lying until it had already become clear that he could win, but the latter isn't that much better for treating Trump like a funny joke and Hillary like a bad candidate until the same point.

There's more I'm upset about obviously, but I just have to get this out of my head.

EDIT: Some more things that have been upsetting me.

- The people (who I'm assuming are third-party voters) defending third-party voters by saying that they wouldn't have voted for Hillary anyway: that's not an excuse! It still makes you pretty awful, that you fetishized the idea of voting just to stick it to the man/held such bad views that Johnson or Stein was actually more in line with your thinking. It's still your fault, as it is Trump voters. We're not talking about pirating Game of Thrones here - the logic is not the same.

- I didn't realize how many people stayed home until this afternoon. LITERALLY BREXIT. I can't wait to hear from Google that people were searching "what is donald trump's platform" yesterday evening after the polls closed. And the interviews on the news from people who say they didn't vote/voted for Trump because they didn't think this would happen.

- Knowing that Trump's RWW-C voters are still going to get screwed over, and are not going to make a change in their voting habits later on. Because they are mainly attracted by the idea that the problem is that we're giving too much to those who aren't straight, white, and Christian (see: this place, last week), and it's always going to be their fault when things go bad.

- The narrative that the problem is that we didn't have a candidate who's a showman. WTF? For one thing, this is the one place you let practicality beat idealism? For another, this seems like a way to weasel out of responsibility for not making healthy choices.
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I finally started my Yuletide fic! I am an excellent person who will not have to default. Maybe offering all the characters was not such a bad idea after all.

I was going to blame all my professional insecurity lately on PMS, but apparently I'm approaching ovulation so I guess I'm just a really insecure person full time now. :/ Sucks.
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I have this light blue poly/wool suiting, a very thin, smooth fabric. My two options, given the length I bought*, are:

- Simplicity 8050


- Butterick B5813.

The latter I've made before:

It's really unflattering. If I use the pattern again, I'm going to do the FBA again to add more ease to the bust. But is there anything else you can see that would make this better? Should the horizontal seam hit fully under the bust, or is that where it's meant to be? (The sleeves are also hella tight, but that's okay as they're from another pattern so I won't be using them.) Should I abandon this pattern as not working with my body, and go with the first one?

* although some patterns that call for a bit more could work with less, since I can take ~2" off the bottom of most skirts even before fitting

ETA: I can't get over how bizarre the bridge of my nose looks in that picture, wtf.

TV Stuff

Oct. 22nd, 2016 08:28 am
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So I watched RHPS - Let's Do The Time Warp Again last night. Thought it was pretty good, and avoided the problem that's messed up every other NBC production (casting people who can't sing for singing parts, people can sing but can't act for acting parts - basically seeming to value star power much over ability or fitting the part). It helped that it wasn't quite as "live" as the others, and that the original is basically the campiest thing ever so it's not being compared to a polished movie musical.

Is anyone else watching Westworld? thoughts )

New Black Mirror is interesting. stuff )


Oh no, I was pretty sure I would be good with three pens, which is really one too many (I have designated my first pen as "fiction pen", the two others are "office pen" and "journal pen"), and yet now I'm looking at a vintage Eversharp with a good flex nib. My life D:
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I continue to be completely mesmerized by the fountain pen fandom. (PENDOM - I have just come across this delightful word.)

One particular Facebook group, otoh, has been exasperating me. First "experienced costume designers should be considered just as qualified as candidates for an assistant curatorial position at the Costume Institute as people with museum degrees and experience", then "but why spend so much money on the ruby slippers, someone could easily make replicas, how can they possibly need to do research on the techniques?" YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT.

Let's buckle up for the next presidential debate )

I can't wait to see the 538 numbers over the next few days.
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My FFC order came yesterday. That light blue check is just too thin and smooth and cold for a winter dress, but should still work for the intended pattern - I might save it for the spring. Or actually it might be better with this, since it's so thin. I'm kind of afraid of that pattern because I made it once and despite what Julie said, it was seriously dowdy. The black pinstriped wool is a bit less thin and cold; I might use it for my actual vintage shirtdress pattern that I'm afraid to grade up. But I really lucked out with the tan twill wool, which is actually soft and warm! It's so hard to get exactly what you want out of FFC, and most of their wools seem to be lightweight suitings in my experience. (Don't remember at all what I bought it for. I have enough for a third version of the dolman-sleeve dress, but I kind of hate both of last winter's versions and the seams are always splitting under the arm.)

I am getting mesmerized by pens. Friday I read a ton of fountain pen intros and columns and stuff, and when I anxiety-woke up in the middle of the night (anxious because of having to catch the garage before they operated on my car), as I predicted, I couldn't stop thinking about fountain pens, as I expected. I can see how the addiction creeps up on people, although I think I'm fairly safe. If I didn't already have a mad hobby for obsessives, though, I could see myself dropping $100 on a pen. I have to admit that I'd even kind of like a nice vintage pen to go with my nice vintage-style clothes, but I'm pretty safe as I don't like the look of 99% of the vintage pens I've seen.
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I spent the afternoon finishing my apron - it's hideous, by the way, but useful - and decided to watch Lilies again while I did the binding. It's interesting to rewatch it now that historical drama has become a mainstay of tv. If it came out now, it probably would still only get one season - its morality is a lot more complex than historical drama morality is allowed to be. Not so much in the individual choices characters are allowed to make (which we do see a lot of grey in these days) but in the universe itself. When the officials come around to make sure the houses aren't overcrowded and the kitchen isn't filthy, we've seen enough of the poverty of the street and the sketchy stuff happening in the kitchen to know they're right but don't sympathize with their manner and way of going about it, and the show doesn't exactly say, "Look how awful these guys are! The government should stay out of public health." When Ruby gets involved with the posh vegetarian feminist eugenicists, they're allowed to be partly right and partly wrong and partly clueless. And I mean: Dadda Moss. They may have actually gone too far on the ambivalent side with Dadda. I dunno. But I kind of prefer this version of "shades of grey" to the more common one.


Oct. 15th, 2016 01:52 pm
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My car has slow-leaky tires, a huge hole in the exhaust, and no power steering, but it's not getting fixed because it's worth about $500 on the market. There was a used car from my dad's company I was going to look at that was reasonable (kind of high mileage - the people at Farm Credit do a lot of driving - but only a couple of years old) but it just sold. I'm planning to go with a lease, but with few dealerships around here I have little choice, so I'm going to wait until Thanksgiving and try to get one near Albany. Guess I'm just ... not going to drive anywhere for a while.

Kind of nice to make the decision, tbh. It's awkward and means I'm going to have to find a ride to get to our chorus concert in Ogdensburg on 11/11, but now paying $1200 for repairs is off the table for good and I never have to go, "should I walk or drive?" because the answer is now always "walk".

Unfortunately, "should I replace my coat, down coat, sneakers, boots, and jeans, all of which are either dead or nearly there?" is still on the table.
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Well, I'm kind of frustrated because the two nice cardigans I ordered from Banana Republic came and are both too big (I measured myself with the size chart!!) and way too long, and all the sewing patterns I can find are actually complicated hacks of other patterns and I don't really like sewing with knits anyway, and the knitting patterns are all ugly. I might have to frog the cardigan I made last year and remake it in a smaller size. UGH. I would just buy one but it's so hard to figure out which store would be most likely to send me something actually good that would last. But I just found this Etsy shop, Embonpoint Vintage, which has patterns you scale up with special rulers, and she has exactly the kind of coat pattern I'm looking for. So at least there's that.

(Also, this dress, which I can't get over for some reason.

I can't decide if I should cut about 10" off my hair, bringing it up to my shoulders-ish (which works really well with the texture, the waves/curls are more defined around my face and it's not as flat on top as it is when long) or if I should leave it (I do Regency demos every so often, and in February I'll be doing late 1860s). Logic tells me that everyday should trump once-in-a-while, but I am genuinely so bad with hair stuff that I don't know if I can do anything useful with the half-wig that I have. How do you even use a half-wig?!

Saving some recipes so I can close some tabs:
Shortbread toffee cookie bars
Monster cookie bars
Peanut butter cookie bars
Cookie dough bars
Salted caramel chocolate chip cookie bars
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I swear, friend, if I see one more falsely equivalent "both candidates are terrible" post from you I'm going to hide your posts.

I really want a new coat this year, because I've been wearing the same one since I was at FIT, I think, and it didn't fit that well in the first place. What I want is this coat, but I don't know if I want to get that pattern, which would need to be sized up, or go with a modern non-vintage pattern like this, this, or this. What I'd prefer is to be able to find something like Simplicity 4090, which is actually vintage but significantly simpler than the VeraVenus pattern. Unfortunately, these patterns are nowhere to be found. I know they existed, but nobody seems to want to sell them.

Nice English Country Dance demo, even if we did some Playford dances from the wrong century. Our caller gave out some badhistory, but it's ... well, not starting to bother me less, but I can just mentally go, "Oh, George." I've accepted that we're an unfixably inaccurate group and that's it. I'd love to do the kind of things Susan de Guardiola writes about, but it probably just won't happen unless I move somewhere I can go to, you know, the dances she does in Connecticut.
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Shut up you idiot shut up shut up SHUT UP. TALK ABOUT "TREMENDOUS HATRED".

But Hillary's face when Martha does her arguing for her is priceless.


Bought more patterns in JoAnn's sale today, but I restrained myself to six. I wish I hadn't bought the bias tape I need for my apron online, I always forget how long it takes for stuff to ship from them - I could have bought that today. But then it's not like I even have the seams sewn yet, so ...

Did quite a few other errands and stuff today - basically not as relaxing as I meant to be, especially because tomorrow morning-to-lunch is a dance demo at SLU. Maybe I can make the whole afternoon have nothing happen (except getting more milk to make yoghurt and also some to drink).


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